Dreams Of War

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Dreams Friday Night-6-8-01 I was in some kind of army that was fighting some huge terrorist group called the Annehkins. I don't remember most of it, but I do remember that the Annehkins had already occupied a city we were going to go to(they left a note that told us to surrender, and to stop letting little boys fight the war for them), so we surrendered, and both armies stayed in a hotel. Something happened in the middle of negotiations, and a war started out in the hotel. People got machine guns and just started shooting at the opposite armies. I grabbed a gun and shot a few people in their bedrooms. Then I went to another floor of the hotel to try to find a way to escape, because I knew if I stayed in their I would surely be shot. I dropped my gun before I went. When I got to the other floor, it was mass confusion.

It was the headquarters for the Annehkins. I was so scared I almost pissed my pants, but I knew I had to get out. I walked half-way, saw some soldiers leaving w/ guns, and would retreat back to where no1 could see me. Finally, I just started walking, and looking into rooms. I saw lots of soldiers getting ready to fight, and a lot of them saw me, but they didn't do anything. I just kept walking, and then my friend Drew was there next to me. I finally walked out of the building. The next thing I know, I am fighting In WWII. I was on the Allies side, but somehow during a battle I got switched to the German side. Adolf Hitler was the commander of my platoon. We were marching, and we encountered a group of 7-8 year old kids that tried to kill us, we killed all of them, but one, and then Hitler made the 1 boy that was left run around in circles while we were forced to shoot at him. I was the one that killed him. We kept marching, and we came up on a HUGE allied force. My best friends were over there fighting against me. Then all of a sudden, thousands of grenades came at us(they were throwing them from behind a little hill.) I started picking them up and throwing them back, and hitting them away from us w/ my gun. Then I noticed that they started throwing frisbees, and I looked over and their was over a 1000 children right in the middle of our army. Hitler had arranged for them to be there, so the allies wouldn't shoot us. After this battle I abondoned the German army and went back to the allies. They were marching, and I just fell into line w/ them. Some of my best friends started cussing at me for being on the German side. I told them that I didn't have a choice. Then the war was over, and I was walking up a hill to get my ticket and then I showed up at my house w/ my parents.

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