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"Don't laugh at anybody's dreams, people who don't have dreams don't have much" All my life I have been considered a daydreamer not only by myself but also by others. As a little boy I remember sitting in class looking straight at the teacher and trying my hardest to hide the fact that my mind one so far away from the classroom, the teacher and any reality in between. It got do bad that I had the teachers, principles, and guidance consolers calling my house and recommending my mother to send me to a doctor. My mother had no clue what to do so she took their advice and the only thing the doctor said was that I was "normal". All my life I had to hide the fact that I am sometimes not in touch with reality and I don't know why. Every time I daydream I feel that there is nothing in the world that anybody can say or do that can make me feel useless.

The things that I daydream about half the time make no sense to me until a few days later, but the other half it means a lot to me. I don't ever tell anybody what I daydream about because these are my dreams and they mean so much to me. It may sound weird but that's how I feel and that's how I've felt for years. I'm sure everybody has dreams but at least I know that nobody has my dreams. This is one thing that nobody can take from me or belittle. Many times I've thought maybe I just have a fear of facing reality but one time I talked to a priest and I explained my situation and he told me that when dreams become a reality then they weren't...

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