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My Reality/Fantasy World When I transfer through different worlds it seems to be mostly when I am reading. Not just reading anything, but something that hasn't caught my attention. In other words, boring. I really can't read at all when I'm excited about something or I'm anxious for some particular event. My mind wanders off, pondering about other things. When I read, I'm saying the words that are in the book itself, but after a whole page I don't know what that page was about. One time I had to finish reading a certain amount of pages before I was able to go to Knotts Berry Farm with my friends. I couldn't concentrate! All I could think about was going to Knotts Berry Farm, standing in line, listening to the roller coaster roar above me feeling so good while nibbling on my frozen lemonade. After waiting all that time, I see the train in the distance coming to a stop and approaching slowly in my direction, because it was the moment that I have been waiting for.

The gates open slowly and I take my seat while I hear the director say "make sure you keep all arms and legs inside the car and enjoy the ride." I make my way to the very top listening to the loud, annoying cranks but I just look at the view from so high up"¦then I feel myself falling asleep, wanting to dream, and I tell myself I have to finish to the end of the chapter. I'm reading, trying to review what this chapter is about at the same time. Then I glance to the left of me and I see my friend, Taylor, with a big smile on his face. Suddenly we drop! Taking my last look at the view, I feel the wind blow through my hair and I'm not even being able to hear myself scream. Building up speed we hit the first loop, laughing so much because of that funny feeling in our stomach that makes us want to cringe. Then, I see an old paper back book opened to page 58 in front of me. Listening, while my parents get ready for bed, I close my book and turn off my light and I fade away.

House of Cards – Season 1 | Thám Tử Lừng Danh Conan chap 584 | Walt Disney, Weihnachten - Grenada Grenadinen - Bl.162-163 ** MNH 1988