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HOLES IN THE WALLS by: shane robida No one likes being bored. Imagine seeing the same person every time you turn your head. Great fun isn't it? No one would like that, but a lot of people don't seem to like diversity. It doesn't make sense to me, and I don't like it. People vent their anger and frustrations in different ways like yelling, or punching stuff. This is my vent.

There are reasons for different kinds of people not getting along. People can't use the cop-out, "they are just different." or the myth that it's money and the clothes, and the appearance. The truth is that most people are only comfortable being with people who look and act exactly like themselves. I am friends with people that are nothing like me, and I could wear the Tommy, FUBU, and Abercrombie clothes, but I choose to wear my Jncos, korn shirts, and my BOB shirt.

The real reason to be friends is personality, unless you are a "image-is-everything" person. If someone's walking down the halls making money noises and burping at you, then his no-name jeans and plain t-shirt probably aren't the reason you don't like him. In a perfect world our judgments would be made after getting to know a person, but that's not the way it is.

To prove my point I have a story. Over vacation Steve, and David (my friends from Skowhegan) and I went to Shop n' Save right here in Waterboro. I was wearing nail polish, a black winter hat, a kilt, a korn shirt, a five foot wallet chain, tons of bracelets, and part of a towing chain around my neck along with a ball chain. Steve had his long hair in his face, big pants, a korn shirt, wallet chain,

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