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Walt Disney had an astonishing visionary idea about how to create the ultimate amusement park. He wanted his guests to arrive in his magical world and forget about anything else. He quietly bought thousands of acres of orange groves in Central Florida and then constructed the utmost amusement resort, Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World is an amazing place filled with sights, thrills, and animals. Each and every part of Disney World has its own particular theme down to the smallest detail. Vacationing in Disney World makes one feel like a young child again in a fantasy kingdom with laughter, make believe, and magic.

Central Florida is such a beautiful place with its lush green landscape, virtually flat ground, palm trees, and sandy soil. The constant heat and high humidity provides a tropical feel for the visitors seeking relief from the northern winter. Practically every day there is a rain shower due to the amount of humidity in the air.

Disney World in Orlando, Florida especially has the lush landscape and perfectly manicured grounds. All the parks and resort areas are extremely well kept. The natural scenery is manicured and shrubs are cut into shapes of Disney characters. The grounds are spotless without a piece of trash in sight. Looking at ones surroundings before even experiencing the Disney magic makes one want to stay.

Disney World is a place like no where else. The sights, sounds, and smells surround one to create that fantastically magical feeling. When I jumped off the monorail anxiously waiting to get into the Magic Kingdom, I glanced in the distance and saw this 189 foot high magnificent masterpiece, Cinderella's castle. Walking to the entrance and touching the turnstile gives one the feeling a special day is ahead. Now, being excited and feeling the...

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