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The Disney Company I. Current Situation A. Financial Performance: a. Disney has been every successful in the continual growing performance that keeps on occurring.

b. Disney is a diversified international entertainment company with operation in three business segments: filmed entertainment, theme parks and resorts, and consumer products.

B. Strategic Posture 1. Mission: "Nature the imaginations of children around the world as to celebrate American values."� II. Strategies Managers A. Board: 17 members, of whom seven were internal members.

B. Top Management: Has gone through many to corporate executives in the past years. Ever Monday for the last 12 years, a staff lunch was held. This was a planning meeting where the past performance was reviewed to ascertain management's success and failure and plan the future.

III. External Environment A. Societal Environment: 1. Opportunities of external environment are positive government attitudes towards its operations, barriers of entry are significant and the entertainment industry itself.

2. Some threats are over saturated market, politics and economic aspect from a global perspective and foreign competition. Competition is always a threat to a company.

B. Task Environment: very competitive.

1. Disney's competitors have decreased but they have improved the quality of the competition.

2. The result was a small number of very powerful competitors with sufficient financial resources to carry out their plans.

IV. Internal Environment A. Corporate Structure: 1. Disney's main strength is in its resources, experience in the business, its low-cost strategy.

2. The company has developed a very strong well-known "brand name"� over the years.

B. Corporate Culture: 1. Disney together with its subsidiaries is a diversified company with operations in five business segments.

2. Disney has become world leader in family entertainment 3. Disney's employees are involved in volunteer programs and community service.

4. Educate children with their product and services...

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