Dimensional Selling- Review And Clarify

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Dimensional Selling- Review and Clarify · Negotiation/Marketing has proven that marketing consists four basic elements Product"¦ Price"¦ Place"¦ Promotion Price is the root of all negotiaion · In broadcasting the price of an announcement is in the mind of sales management, or the sales person until a customer or buyer agrees to buy it.

· Why can some stations charge more? Because it takes vision to see higher numbers. High rates creates value. Being sold out creates value. Promotions and special opps creates value over price.

In advertising we sell image combined with all the impressions the buyer gets or wants, plus the benefits they perceive. The benefit may be real or imagined. The benefit of image, the image of KOAT -- who I work for, and the image I generate will be formed by my product, by my ability to package and promote using KOAT as a distribution outlet.

There are two basic types of negotiations: competitive and collaborative. There is nothing wrong with either"”many people in management prefer to use the competitive or what I call combative type"”meaning you aren't a winner unless one side winds and one side loses.

I have invested many years working with Collaborative negotiations which are, in contrast, situations where goals held in common by boths sides are persued. Please don't confuse this or think that I don't have an understanding or lack of respect to "who butters my bread." I believe in all negotiations, factors are present that may lead to competitive negotiations. I believe and fully understand there is almost always a desire to bring home the best deal while hurting the other side. I like to engage in collaborative negotiations recognizing the value of a long-term relationship"”and that means listening to and including presenting my clients needs or negotiating a clients issue as a place to begin the negotiation. I believe with this I am using reputation and the ability to listen as a valuable form of currency and it has been rewarding for me whether I am negotiating with local advertisers, national ratings companies or program syndicators. I believe when I protect my negotiating style its like I'm protecting and defending my station's identity and values"”because I work for the station. There are many techniques and styles, the principles for collaborative negotiation may seem straightforward and obvious. Don't let my use of simplicity fool you. As an effective negotiator I know when to decrease concession and I know how to adjust to get to close and I am always cognizant of a negotiation deadline.

I do recognize that it is always best to begin with large initial demands as this improves my probability of success--- because I have provided

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