Did The Industrial Revolution Lead To A Sexual Revolution?

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Did the Industrial Revolution lead to a Sexual Revolution? After reading the article, I would have to agree that the Industrial Revolution did in some ways lead to a sexual revolution. Never before in the history of the world was there a need for manual labor than during the Industrial Revolution. During those times, the world was one of a male-dominated society, which put the men in the thousands of factories and mills slaving away while traditionally the women were at home tending to the many children while also cleaning and cooking. As the Industrial Revolution progressed, there became a greater need for workers. Immigrants from Europe as well as China flocked to the United States in search of a better life through hard work in the many mills and factories for little wages. The jobs were dangerous, and far too often for little pay. Large families lived together with many children, and weekly wages for one or two males sometimes weren't enough to feed the household.

Mill and factory owners soon saw the potential for the millions of women and children sitting at home "" even cheaper labor. In the end, women started working in the mills and factories alongside other men. With women having the same jobs as the men, they started demanding equal rights at the workplace, as well as at home. More and more women began working in some way, and soon more and more women began demanding such rights as suffrage and equal pay. Before the end of the Industrial Revolution, women would be able to vote but not for many years, and in some instances today are they paid the same as their male counterparts.

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