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Writers are faced with decisions of the use of their diction to stimulate a reaction from the reader in order to increase his or her enjoyment of reading. If authors would choose their words poorly books would be boring and uninteresting. This explains why word choice is important for an author to use correctly throughout their book, story, etc. Visualize this line from " A worn Path" With the use of great word choice. " Big dead trees, like black men with one arm"¦" (Paragraph #) Now try visualizing the same scene without the words big, black, and dead it would seem boring and no picture would pop up in your mind.

Furthermore, diction is used to create a mood or setting in a readers mind clearly rather than questionable. Authors use certain words to emphasize a certain scene. In " Araby" by James Joyce, he uses words like blind, quiet, Silent Street to emphasize that this street is dark and depressing rather than it is just a dead street.

If other words would have been chosen us might have gotten a different impression and the author could have mislead us. In both stories " Araby" and " A Worn Path" there are words used to set a specific setting and coincidently both story use similar words to get the same mood for each of their settings. In " Araby " the word dark is used repeatedly to create a gloomy or depressing setting, which is also the same in "A Worn Path " were the setting is depressing or a challenge to the old lady. In the story " A Worn Path " Eudora Welty uses " Overhead the live-oaks met, and it was dark as a cave. " (Paragraph #) we get the sense that the character...

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