The Devils Door

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Kristina Acosta The Devils Door It's dark, square and it?s demon like face stares at me as if I?m invisible. I don't even think about stopping, I just keep on walking like it isn't even there. I hit the stairs and as I approach the eighth floor my heart is beating like a wild monkey in a cage. I sit and I think to myself that there has to be an easier way than walking up those miserable flights of hellatious stairs. ?Nope" there's no other way. Walking into my father's office, I see the four destructive, cold, and heartless elevators of metal, pining for me to jump right in for a ride. All I can do is run to the nearest water fountain to catch my breath from the incarcerating steps.

Thinking back to that awful time when I didn't know all that I know now, I wish I had the ability to see the danger in the whole thing.

I admit that I was very young at the time about six or seven, but I always got a deep, unusual feeling in my stomach each time that I stepped into that little room. This time it was different, soon I heard the squeak of metal, and felt the trembeling of the faulty wires, I knew exactly what was happening. My hands began to get milky and I could feel my pores being engorged in sweat. I held on to the pole as if I was hanging off a cliff and prayed that I would get out alive. All of a sudden it stopped, an abrupt halt.

By the sound of things I thought that the cabils were going to snap so I was relieved when it stopped. I was ready to get the hell out of that devil cage, but to my dismay the doors didn't open. When I pictured my death, it was not from being suffocated, I was going to plunge to my death. I was going to fall a huge amount of floors and get squished like a bug under a shoe. To my dismay I was stuck with a short balding fat man and a woman that looked like a poodle with huge Gucci glasses on. I was not going to die next to these two, or at least I was going to do everything in my power not to. On the floor with my head staring at the reflection beaming off the bald man?s head I sighed. He looked back at me, and I pretended that there was a fly in the air. I took the safe road and put my head between my legs, having no hope, I started saying goodbye to all my family members. ? Dad and Mom sorry if I ever dissapointed you but I did my best, Marcus, sorry about pulling your hair? The two weirdo?s next to me galked at me like I was a fish out of water. So what I was talking to myself. I tried to explain every bad deed that I had done, to insure my pathway to heaven was clear.

The other two people were just going about there business, the fat man was reading the newspaper, and the Gucci woman was putting on her fifth coat of makeup. They acted like there was nothing wrong. Acting like they had done everything that they had ever wanted to do in their lifetime. I was frustrated and mad, my face was getting red. I felt like kettle full of boiling water, all I wanted to do was get the hell out of there! Then the doors of heaven opened right in front of my eyes. There was a light fog in the air and then light appeared. I squinted my eyes, all I could see was a figure of a man. God I thought? Then as I looked closer, he had a hat on, realizing it was a fireman, I was very excited to see him. My tall dark and handsome prince was here to save me. Well almost, he was old, had armpit stains and when he talked to me he smelled as if he had eaten a garlic bush. My day could not get any worse. Stepping out of the door I felt the warmth of the sun on my shirt, it was then and there I vowed I would never set foot in another devils door.

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