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LOVE IS A BLESSING TO ALL Interracial-marriage affects many people and is one of the most controversial issues still in America today. Although in 1967, the anti-interracial-marriage laws were abolished in nineteen states, seventy-two percent of Southern whites and forty-two percent of Northern whites were still for the law. This issue is still far from over in today's society. Many know the famous golfer Tiger Woods, who is half-Black and half-Thai. Journalists still today want stories to write about Mr. and Mrs. Woods, and their interracial-marriage and child. The famous O.J. Simpson is a black man married to a white women. Since the decline of white racism from 1960 to 1990, there has been an increase with interracial marriages, such as white-Asian marriages and white-black marriages. Society has encouraged people to marry people the same as themselves for many years. Marring in your own race will help a person gain social acceptance and approval.

Television, magazine articles, and media all play a big role in the coverage of interracial marriages, movies such as, Waiting to Exhale, which shows a black husband leaving his black wife for a white wife. Television shows that have coverage of interracial marriages are ones such as, Music Television, showing Michael Jackson and Lisa Presley being married. Today we live in a complex society. We need to try and understand the racial differences and accept them along with interracial marriage among all cultures. (30-34) In the story, "Desiree's Baby" her early childhood love and acceptance, baby, and interracial marriage affects her and her child's life, because throughout their lives they were accepted, and when people discovered their racial background they were disliked. This story shows that love should be a blessing among all despite their racial background.

As a young, child Desiree was abandoned...

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