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A World Outside of my own.

It was an early, frigid, spring, Friday morning in April of 2000. Cincinnati is known for its unexpected weather patterns. Just the day before, it was warm and almost felt like summer. My mother, my father, and I were on our way to the airport, to visit Germany for Spring Break. This was my first time to leave the country, and I had anticipated this trip for the last two weeks. So many questions were dancing around in my mind. What are the people like? Do the stars look the same way they do here in the States? Does it smell different in Germany? In about twelve hours, my questions would be answered.

As I walked towards Customs, I felt important as if I were the president or an ambassador. I showed my passport with pride. When the Customs agent stamped my passport, I morphed back from being president to a little child who had the golden ticket to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.

After going through Customs, we proceeded to our flight gate, where I looked out the window and saw the biggest plane that I had ever seen. It amazed me how man could make something so big and heavy that could take flight and defy gravity. Gobs of people piled onto the plane. We walked in the plane, and it seemed that there was no end to the aisle of the plane. When we found our seats, my father and my mother sat next to each other while I sat by the window. The seat next to me was still vacant. I looked at every person who walked by me, wondering which one would sit down. People of all shapes and sizes passed by me. Unfortunately for me, a six-foot, seven-inch...

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