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Kedra She about 5'9 in height, 120 pounds, and had a body like a coca cola bottle.

These were the characteristics that made my good friend Kedra Tenner the talk of the town. Kedra was not always the talk of the town. In the past she was rather a nerd. She was very frail. She wore tight shirts that looked like golfing shirt. She would wear long colorful plad skirts that looked like they were Irish. She had a little body and a big head like a stick man or something. With a chipped tooth, two long plats with butterflies on the end of them, and a laugh that sounded like a hyena in heat, no one would have ever thought that she sprout out to what she is today.

In middle school, she had very few friends. I was one of the few that she hung around. She was so shy that if someone she didn't know came to her and introduced himself or herself to her, she would start shaking and her knees would start knocking.

No one had respect for her. They would just push her around like a rag doll. Other kids would tease her, call her names, and throw things at her, but yet and still she would give an innocent look, smile, and turn her head.

One day my friend Tori came down from New York. Everyone and their momma liked her. She was very out going, smart, down to earth, sexy as hell, and would turn every man head in the town. Tori was the exact opposite of Kedra. The next day I looked at Kedra coming down the road. She happily skipping when suddenly, she skipped right into a whole and fell into a puddle of mud. All the neighborhood kids...

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