The Depression

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The depression; as told by mike Morris This is a true story of how the Morris family came to terms with how the depression changed their lifestyle.

My grandfather was a market capitalist before the depression. He Owned 1/2 interest in a company called Ohio Crane. They were living the good life, trip to Paris France (not Paris TX.), owed a brownstone in THE CITY, (theater new York city), and enjoying great parties and such. My grandmother was in the theater, and did some silent movies.

The depression ended all of that in a hurry. Grandfather had to sell his interest in Ohio Crane at well below market, no more theater for grandma-ma, Adios to the brownstone, (which would be worth millions today), and now a trip was to Paris TX.

My mother, aunt, grandmother and grandfather all moved into a cheap apt. On West Side of town. My father worked at a chemical plant making $25 a week probably equal to $600 a week now.

On my mother side, grandmother Tallman was a telephone operator before the depression and held on to the position during the depression. My Father also help my Mother's family. All this on $25 a week. My grandmother Tallman owned a house so she had a roof over her head. Grandmother Tallman house had plenty of long term guests during this period.

My family had some bad times, but because of education, abilities that were still needed, some wealth left over and planning and luck they could eat ok and had a roof over their head. Most people didn't have nor do the things and they paid a horrible price. The population was considerable thinned out after the depression. Unlike war it affected everyone children, old people and those in the middle.

The cause...

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