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Decision Making Essay Recently I had to make a decision on purchasing a cd-writer. My old cd-writer was not working properly and it was very slow. I started by surfing the web for a place to purchase one. I picked out a cd-writer by the features that it had, wanting one that had Buffer Under-run technology that would allow me to make cd's without wasting disks because of errors. Most of the cd-writers that have this feature are found buy the words Safe-copy, safe-burn, under run technology or waste proof technology. I found a Yamaha, which is a good name brand that had all the features that I was looking for (so I thought). I then used the web site, which is a site where people from all around the world go to talk and rate products that they have purchased. The entire product reviews where very helpful to my decision.

The only thing now was to find a place to purchase one from. I found two locations to buy the cd-writer that I wanted. On one hand, I had, which would give me a 1-year warrantee and product support, but the price was $180 with a 50-dollar mail in rebate, which would take about 6 to 8 weeks for me to receive. The other site was, which is an auction site that I have purchased from before. The auction selling the cd-writer was ending in 45 minutes. It was the same cd-writer for $109 plus shipping and handling which would come out to $139, but then I would not get the 1 year warrantee instead I would get a 90 day warrantee on a factory refurbished cd-writer.

I decided to purchase the cd-writer from because of the good reviews on I did not worry about the 90-day warrantee. It took about 4 days for the package to come in. I opened the box only to see that it was not in its original box instead just allot of packing peanuts with no antistatic bag, which is bad for electronic components in a computer part. Reading up on the order form I noticed that I had only 3 days to see if it worked.

I installed it into my computer, which was easy with the big illustrated diagram that came with it. I happily started burning my first cd only to have a buffer under run which was not supposed to happen because of the buffer under-run protection. I started to read the owners manual and noticed that my cd-writer had waste proof technology, which I thought was supposed to stop buffer under-runs. I then went to and started to read about my cd-writer only to find out that it did not have buffer under run technology. The waste proof technology that the book talked about was just some fancy words for a plain cd-writer. The buffer under run was not implamented until the model after the one that I purchased which is why they had the $50 mail in rebate.

I should have waited and read up on this product before I purchased it. It might not have buffer under run technology but since I have an up to date computer I can copy faster that I could with my old cd-writer. This cd writer can write 16 times faster than my old cd writer so I do not mind the upgrade. Overall, I am happy with my decision but I will not be buying anything from without looking into it first.

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