Death:What A Beautiful Choice

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As science progresses into an age where the longer you live the better, death becomes somewhat of an unwelcome visitor. Death is seen as a bad thing. The fear of death is a common misconception.

Death truly is a beautiful choice. Especially in the eyes of the dreaded "Mother Nature". Death is the ultimate contribution to nature and the entire environment. As a society, we complain about all that is happening to our environment. We complain that enough is not being done to better our world and our habitats, but we are the main constraint on that "better world".

The death of an organism is the only way to truly give back to the earth. Nutrients are given to those who feast on he organism or to the environment that absorbs the decaying mass. When the organism dies, it begins a process, which spans a time frame longer than that of the organism's life.

Decomposers are the first to gain from the death of the organism. They take organic nutrients and break them down into inorganic nutrients that can be recycled back into the environment. This is the first step in what will be a give and take relationship between organisms. Decomposers turn the nutrients into usable ones that are in turn used by consumers. Consumers use those nutrients and give off any leftover nutrients in various ways. These can include anything from water, to minerals, to fertilization of the ground. These all contribute to the cycle of life and death.

As a society, we do all we can to escape death and decay. Improved medicine to prolong life and prevent natural selection, as well as our efforts to cure illness and diseases that can regulate population growth.

Population growth can alter the environment in many ways.

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