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Descriptive Essay: A Day to Remember It began as a day like any other before. A country rising to go to work, without a care and with out grief. Sleeping citizens of a society assumed untouchable by terrorism, suddenly awakened by an unspeakable horror. On this day not like any other, America was being attacked. This day was a day remembered forever more.

Someone has committed a terrible act on America, our economy, and our freedom. It had become a day of an unjustifiable crime. To our dismay it was deliberate and intentional. Who could cause such pain and grief? A terrorist, one who without any morals, a conscious or care, caused paranoia in a place we call home. With the world watching with surprise and disbelief, two commercial planes were hijacked by a terrorist and crashed into the World Trade Center.

On this day of September 11, 2001, towers that symbolized our American pride and finances were destroyed.

As these towers began to tumble, we realized that today like no other before, would be significant in years to come. As Americans this day will be remembered as the day that change our lives.

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