Culture Junk Food

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I have to disagree with your three major views in your essay called Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz. Your first claim that "culture junk food" is what binds Americans together. The second claim is that advertising has so saturated American Life that we are now an "Ad Culture." The last but not the least claim is no one has any idea why some companies advertise in the first place.

The bindings of American Culture are far more complex than just associating it with culture junk food. In your attempt to portray that this is not so you state that your students become bored and don't care about this school stuff but become excited about advertisements. No where do I see what the students really know or think of on what binds America together. Such as their moral values, their views on discrimination or religion. Steinem states that advertiser's base there advertisement on gender, race, and what they the advertiser believe is associated with that group.

So you're stating basically that college students are not smart enough to determine the difference of what an advertiser says in their advertisement and the real world. Your assumption is based on studying one group of our society in a controlled environment and not taking into consideration any other factors. Such as why do they enjoy the advertisements more rather than remembering what happened at Auschwitz? The answer is simple people enjoy pleasure more than horror and with what occurs in today's world can you blame them. Though a student may not remember certain dates, names, and places in History or English it doesn't mean that they have no knowledge of these facts. What I hear in these halls of learning is not about advertisements but about what scares these young adults, what fears will tomorrow...

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