Cultural Attack

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Cultural Attack Given the choice of a regular English course and a Cultural English course I chose to take the Cultural course simply because I figure while learning how to write academically I can also take this chance to learn more about the different cultures and their backgrounds.

Unlike the regular English class where students are only asked to read and know the materials but lack the understanding, Asian American English can help students with different backgrounds have a better understanding of the materials and an easier time organizing their thoughts. By having the students write about the reading materials they can relate to will help them sink deeper into their thoughts and really know what is being told to them. From there the students will learn to analyze and organize all the information given to them and their opinions on the topics and will have a less tougher time displaying their thoughts and researches on paper.

Another reason why I chose Asian American Studies over the regular English class is because I find myself writing more and better when I write about the things I know. When I'm given a topic I know nothing about, my paper tends to be "out-of-control." I will constantly skip from one topic to the next. Researches will help narrow the topic down a bit but I believe that without my personal perspective the paper never be fully completed. It may be well-written and thought-out but without a personal view the paper might end up a dull paper.

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