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"The Crucible" 1. Important Characters Act 3 No new characters 2. Plot Act 3 The plot of this act was a main court setting. There were many characters from the story being accused and others to defend the convicted. They start to go through a whole court questioning. John Proctor tries to defend his wife by saying that they had nothing to do with the poppet. The said that they never saw or interacted with the devil.

3. Conflicts Act 3 Also, in this act there were conflicts of many types between all the characters. In the courtroom many of these conflicts grew even larger before. John Proctor was one person who was really enraged at the judge's dumbness to the situation. He didn't understand that Abigail and Tituba were lying.

4. Theme Act 3 I think the theme of this act is that you can never know whom to really trust.

We as the reader know who is lying and who is telling the truth. The character do not know what we know as we read the story.

5. Vocabulary Act 3 · Spirits - An animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms.

· Forfeit - To lose or lose the right to by some error, offense, or crime.

· Contempt - Lack of respect or reverence for something.

6. Notes Act 3 · (See hand written notes in journal) · 7. Response Act 3 This act somewhat disturbed me in a way. I could not believe that Abigail and Tituba could point their finger and say, "they are a witch" and all of the people believe them. They even admitted that they were on the devil's side, so why would they not lie and be forgiven for making up names of other...

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