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In the article "On Classrooms, With and Without Computers," Clifford Stoll argues that having computers in classrooms may be detrimental to a students ability to learn and that only a live teacher can inspire children to learn. Stoll's purpose in writing this article is to persuade his readers that computers in classrooms should not be allowed. By providing relevant real world examples and using a reader-oriented style of writing, Stoll is able to present a convincing essay to the reader about why computers in classrooms may hinder a child's learning.

Stoll begins his article by asking himself, "What's wrong with this picture"(259). After he asks himself this question, he explains to the readers "only a live teacher in the classroom can bring about the inspiration of learning"(259). Stoll believes people will buy into the hype that computers are the best way to learn in the classroom. He wants people to realize that many students who do not have a live teacher in the classroom are not very successful in learning.

He also believes that by using computers, children will lose the chance of actually experiencing what they are taught. Stoll advises these students that the best way to learn about something is to actually experience it on their own and that computers can never let a person have that live experience. Even though computers can link students from different countries, Stoll believes that these students may be using these computers to talk about topics that are not relevant to what they are studying.

Throughout Stoll's essay, he provides many real-world examples of how computers have hindered a child's learning capability. In one such example, Stoll points out "Professor Domoto's classes began with twenty-six students. By year's end, over half had failed or dropped out"(260). This class never actually met their...

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