Crime And Punishment

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-Crime Fighters- When I sat back and thought about a certain crime I came up with real award winner. I made many people very frustrated in my elementary years. I'm sure I gave a few people gray hair and heart murmurs. Growing up I never sat still; when I was about three years old my father built me a huge cage so I wouldn't run away. This thing was gigantic. It was my own summer igloo.

All of the upcoming chaotic events started when I was living next door to Brandon Saron, Matt Austad, and Brian Wiegand. At the time there was a strange kid living across from Brandon. We really didn't like the kid very much, but he always wanted us to come over. Since we had so much energy then, we'd mess the house by playing football in their living room. We'd play for hours until his mom came home and kicked all of us out for the night.

On the day of the crime we were playing in the house. The boy asked us if we would like to go to the basement to show us a surprise. We walked down there and saw his dad skinning some turkeys. Later that night I told my dad what I saw and he responded, "You do realize there is a season on turkeys and this is the month of June." He also wondered if this guy was a complete moron. He called the Department of Natural Resources and told them what was going on. The next day they checked it out and the dad ended up with $3500.00 in Federal charges.

I have not talked to these people in eight years. I've also never met people as weird as they were. Apparently his mom was sick...

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