Creation Myth

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Creation Myth "I challenge you to a duel you pathetic fool!" said Seifer angrily at Squall. "I accept your challenge you good for nothing witch!" exclaims Squall just before his quick meditation routine before he competes in a Spell Off. Interrupting Squalls meditating, Seifer quickly uses a routine smoke attack spell to quickly blind Squall. Followed by a swift fire attack as Squall was still blinded by the smoke, but quickly Squall casts his Infrit Guardian Force to withstand the fire by fire. Infrit being the guardian of fire quickly catches the fire and throws it deep into space clear into dark matter.

As taught to all wizards, witches and sorcerers, after a fire attack has been cast, quickly come back with an ice attack. Sure as magic, Squall and Seifer draw their Queztlecotl Guardian Force, the guardian and ruling species of ice, thinking to confuse each other. It seemed merely a second before both Guardian Forces had attacked with their iceberg strikers.

The two spells collided and combined energy which started to freeze the whole surface of their planet Gabaldia.

This seemed to have killed all of the life anywhere. All that was left were the now freezing planet Gabaldia surfing through space. Elsewhere on the seeming devilishly hot, new planet known as Hell was right in the way of Gabaldia's way and soon collided creating a massive chemical reaction due to the extreme temperature variations. Hell making Gabaldia a hotter, and Gabaldia making Hell cooler and particles of each planet combining with one another, they formed what seemed to be new Guardian Forces. Sure enough, the first "Human" was created by the combined DNA of many Guardian Forces. As we are still not positive on which species of Guardian Forces were combined to form us humans as we are today, scientists now believe that it was the Dragon Dinosaur Guardian Forces that eventually combined and under extreme temperature variations they somehow warped, or evolved if you will, into the first humans.

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