Corporatization Of A Singapore Government Engineering Department

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XYZ is the public development and building authority of Singapore. In line with the trend to corporatize the non-regulatory functions of the Singapore government bodies, WYZ has been directed to corporatize by the end of 1998. It has sent a powerful shock into the nerve system of the department. In the near future, XYZ will have to compete on the same ground with firms from private sector for projects in both the public and private sector. If XYZ is not able to generate sufficient revenue to cover its expenses, the company will have to retrench current staffs and to cut cost. In view of the forthcoming drastic change in status, XYZ would need to re-organize its operation to boost up its productivity and competitiveness.

Different offices in XYZ have reacted differently to the forthcoming changes. Some of the offices choose to remain relativelty unchanged until situation becomes clearer. Some choose to strengthen their core competencies by updating specification, introducing computerization into their work procedures and seeking ISO endoresement to enhance the value of their services.

The proactive offices have restructured their operation so as to streamline operations and provide one-stop services to his clients. A study on the restructuring exercise in the Estate Management Division is carried out in this report. From the study, it reveals numerous hidden human resource problems once the staffs are subject to forces of change.

A SWOT analysis has been carried out on XYZ. The strengths and opportunities provide a guide for XYZ to pursue actively in order to seize business opportunities. The weakness and threats serve as a warning to the organization for which it must be overcome and improve its position.

A survey has been carried out on the staffs to detaermine their initial responses to the corporatization and the kind of changes...

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