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Location! Location! Location! Is probably the main reason why people move to a new house. Either that or they just found that wonderful, luxurious house lurking right under those huge green trees. Waking up in the morning to hear those blue chirping birds that fills the morning sky. Moving to a new location means that there will be new surroundings, new people, a new way of life. What ever you were used to is gone and now you have to adapt to new things just like retiles in the forest. It wasn't four years ago that I moved.

Houses can cost around $ 245, 000 to an extreme amount of $ 322, 000. The house I live in before was around $ 143, 000 in United States Currency. I used to live in the bad neighborhood of San Fernando Valley. I was born there and brought up by my loving parents.

My mom told me that the reason that we lived there is because that's the only house that we could afford at that time. My school was right next to my house about a couple of feet down the street. I when to school there from preschool to second grade which I don't remember much because I was a young kid. The only thing I remember about that was my grandmother used to walk me to school and pick me up from school. But after those years past my grandmother could not walk me to school anymore because I was recommended by my teachers to go to a magnet school.

Back at Los Angeles it was called magnet school, over here it's probably called honors. Seven years ago I was eight years old and that's when I started to remember events. When I went there I remember I didn't want to come back the next day because I thought that I wasn't going to make any friends and I never rode on a bus without my parents. I was so nervous in the bus, but my dad told me everything would be fine. The next day I did meet my first friend who turned out to be my best friend. His name is Herbert. That was funny to me because my real name is Zacbert. I saw him riding my bus on those foggy mornings. One day at lunch he came up to me and ask me "How are you doing?" Then I kindly replied with a formal "fine and you" then the conversation kept going. After our conversation was over, he then introduced me to his friends and their friends introduce me to theirs and so on. Before I knew it I felt like I was in my old elementary school. Every day at lunch we played team handball and sometimes kickball. Him and me were on the same team and kept beating every team.

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