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As a very intelligent man once said, "The constitution is a near perfect document and it should never be thrown out."� I feel the same way about the constitution. With only amendments to it, I say that's pretty good for a government that's only been around for about 300 years. Like I said the constitution is near perfect. There are still ways to improve it, but we should never get rid of it. In my report I shall show you 10 things to make the constitution better.

Number one being in the 5th Amendment. Double jeopardy says no person shall be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb. Basically it's saying that a person may not be tried more than once for the same crime. An example is a person convicted of a joyriding (driving another persons vehicle without their consent) charge may not be tried for theft.

Another example is an accused robber of several poker players around a poker table was acquitted at the first because the prosecution's witness could not identify him. A second trial for robbery of one of the other players was barred because he was already acquitted the first time. The most fundamental rule of double jeopardy is that if the defendant was acquitted at the trial he may be retrialed no matter how erroneous. After the trial the person could scream out I did it and they couldn't do a thing to him. I would make amend to this amendment and take out double jeopardy. If a person is tried once and acquitted then he is charged with the same crime again. It should be as if it were a new trial because wrong is wrong. No one should get away with something just...

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