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"Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed," But has it really? The Eagle Has Landed The Apollo missions sponsored by the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) has had a huge impact on the U.S as well as our world. The Apollo missions, supposedly sent humans to orbit, study, research and even walk on Earth's only natural satellite, the Moon. The desire to get to the Moon sprouted from a fierce and scary time in America's history, the Cold War with Russia. The "Race for Space", as it came to be known, was of dire importance to the United States. In 1961, President John F. Kennedy proclaimed that it would be a U.S. national goal to put a man on the Moon, and bring him safely back to Earth by 1970. I believe that this statement combined with Russia's "Race for Space" put the pressure on the U.S and as 1970 began to approach quickly the U.S

had no other choice then to fake it. There are many very convincing pieces of proof but the three most appealing to me were the cross-hares that were under the objects that were pictured, also the fact that there were no signs of craters or dust blown away underneath the module, and that the American flag was flapping in the "light breeze" on the moon's surface.

The first appealing piece of evidence that we did not go to the moon was the permanently sketched in cross-hares on the lens of the cameras. If the cross-hares were permanently sketched in, therefore it would make perfect sense that they appear on top of everything pictured, unless the pictures were edited or tampered with on a computer. In a couple of the pictures it show the cross-hares behind the objects pictured. For example in one of the pictures it show one of the cross-hares half hidden behind the American flag and the other barley noticeable behind the astronaut. Therefore the images must have been digitally edited, which show that NASA had something to hide.

The second thing that was wrong with the pictures was that when the lunar module was pictured there was no sign of a crater or even lunar dust blown away underneath the module. With a thrusting engine more powerful then any engine used here on earth blowing at the dust should have at least blown away some of the dust. Even a light breeze would have made some dust move around. So I come to the conclusion that unless NASA had invented a brand new type of engine that just hovers the whole thing was an act.

The third and most obvious thing that was wrong with the pictures and footage taken from the moon's surface was that the American flag was waving in what seemed to be a light breeze on a nice summer day on the lunar surface. Considering the fact that there is no air or wind on the moon it is imposable for the flag to be waving. So therefore, it looks as if they filmed the whole thing right here on earth.

In conclusion, all the facts put together all add up, and reveal that NASA seems to have faked the whole thing and that the lunar landing was nothing but a cheaply put together excuse for a lunar landing.

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