A Conneticite Yankee

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The story starts off with the narrator meeting a stranger. The narrator lists some reasons why this stranger interests him. There is a small interlude when the narrator reads some sort of information that states the sir Launcelot slew 7 giants. Later on the Hank Morgan (the stranger) comes in to the narrator's house and starts telling him that he came from Connecticut and he had a fight with a guy named Hercules who knocked him out with a crowbar. Then the narrator sees that the stranger is weary. He gets to know more about through this log. The log gives many of a detail about his surroundings of when the stranger woke up under an oak tree he was taken hostage by Sir Kay whose name we find out later on. He is taken to King Arthur's court. Here also he gives a brief but descriptive image of the place and compares his fellow captures as white Indians.

We soon learn that everyone at the round table tells exaggerated stories of their battles etc. For one they tell tales of how sir Launcelot killed 7 giants with one strike of his mighty sword. The narrator of the log fairly doubts that a single knight even a very good one would kill 7 giants without any help at all from anyone. Later on it is Merlin's turn to tell a tale which everyone hates because it is always the same one but everyone dead afraid to tell Merlin off. After a long and boring story it is sir Kay turn to tell the tale of how he captured him. Saying that hank is was part of a barbarian tribe and that he killed everyone in his tribe with prayer. Sir Kay also states that his clothes protect him from any harm or danger. He is then striped of his clothes. He is then sentenced to death by the stake. He is then brought to his cell and fall asleep right away not letting his worries keep him asleep. The next day he learns that he is going to die tomorrow. He begs Clarence to help him but he is terrified about escaping because Merlin apparently cast a spell upon the place. Hank had to think quickly so he tells the boy that he will blind the earth with total darkness. Later on the execution date was changed to today. He thought he was doomed. Just as they were about to torch him the sun began to darkness began to grow.

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