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I. Works for wartime A. Congress Issues 1. No one member of congress plated a more important role in funding the revolutionary army.

2. Congress sent diplomats to Europe to gain support for the confederations military efforts against Great Britain 3. After the war ended in 1781 the confederation government confederation sent three seasoned diplomats.

II. The articles define government A. Congressional powers 1. Congress had the sovereignty or the supreme authority and power to conduct foreign affairs send ambassadors and negotiate treaties 2.The national government consisted only of congress and the Agencies created by it B. Limited sovereignty 1. The articles deliberately kept the central government weak so that the freedom of each state was not threatened.

2. All important decisions in congress required the approval of at least nine states 3. Also members of the congress were elected for only a yearlong term of office and could not serve for more of the three of the three of these limited periods within the six years.

III. Morris fund the National Treasury A. The funds 1. Robert Morris had to deal with the governments biggest problems 2. Congress lacked the power under the articles to tax its citizens directly 3. Congress assigned to each state a share of the funds needed by the national government 4. Congress could always hope that they the states would be cooperative and collect money form them.

5. Morris worked hard and some times he had to use his own money to buy things 6. Things got worse when the war was ending 7. In the year 1783 a group of people in Newburgh, Yew York plotted to overthrow the government 8. General Washington had to stop this revolt and he did

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