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The two novels, Schindlers List by Thomas Keneally and Elie Wiesels Night are based on the unforgettable holocaust which occurred around 60 years ago. The holocaust was with out a doubt the most horrific act's of racism and people are sceptical to think that something like this will ever be matched. Keneally's #1 best seller and Wiesel's novel which won the Nobel peace prise are similar in a variety of ways. These two books, based on true stories are written in a similar style, the themes are comparable and the characters which are played in the two novels have similar personalities and characteristics.

Both Keneally and Wiesel share a unique writing style, which is noticeable in the two novels. The depth of the detail used to describe situations is amazing in these two novels. Situations are described through personal experiences by the narrators. The novels use words that are rather powerful in the sense that they cause the reader to visualise the situation and create a sense of being present.

This is caused by the use of words that describe texture, smell, and taste. In Night, Wiesel used descriptive sentences and phrases to draw the reader in. For example, "but one glance at my terrified fathers haggard white face was enough." (Wiesel p.11). this has such significance because it depicts the future of the Jewish prisoners at this point in the novel.

Thomas Keneally also used certain descriptive words to make the reader visualise the situations in the novel more clearly. Close to a quarter way through the book u are drawn in by how Schindler, as the narrator describes a swastika pin on a soldiers overcoat. (Keneally p.83) "A large, shinny, ornamental, gold-on-black-enamel Haken Kreuz." The way this object is described, it is not hard for the reader...

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