Comparing And Contrasting The Joy And Misery Of Adolescence.

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Comparing and Contrasting the Joy and Misery of Adolescence.

Compare and Contrast both the joy and the misery of adolescence as depicted in J.D Salinger Catcher in the Rye, Dead Poets Society (film) and the poems, Adolescence by Aidan Foster-Carter and Class Discussion by Gloria Yates.

Adolescence is the process of changing from a child into an adult. During this period of change young people mature physically, begin to take responsibility for themselves, and start to deal with the world of their own. For most young people, adolescence is a time in which pleasure, joy and excitement are mixed with confusion, misery and frustration. Most individuals experience this in their lives: Uncontrollable confusion and exasperation like Holden Caulfield does in Catcher in the Rye. Other adolescents find that growing up can be too overwhelming as they feel that the world is too much to handle, as that it's a nightmare, with many high expectations.

Some look for an early exit, as Neil Perry does in Dead Poets Society. Or some view the world as, a form of a "˜joke' like Charlie Dolton. Aidan Foster-Carter's poem Adolescence has the theme that life doesn't always go to plan, which are simular to Holden's attitude about the unfairness about life and the transition to adolescence. Class Discussion, written by Gloria Yates, is full of despair. The girl in the poem is like Holden Caulfield and Neil Perry, because of the depression and their attitudes to their adolescent lifestyles.

In Dead Poets Society, Neil Perry and his classmates progress through the joy and misery of adolescence. Neil is under the pressure of his parents, and has been this way his whole life. Neil Perry is a well-loved, appreciated and admired student at his school, his joys in life, are that he desperately...

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