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Life Before and After September 11, 2001 Everyone's life was going about normally, the morning of September 11, 2001; nobody ever thought that his or her world would be turned upside down. Then, in the flash of a moment, the world changed forever. At 8:50 AM the Attack on America began and thus ended our false sense of security. With the fall of the World Trade Center's Twin Towers, people let the lesser things in life fall; siblings who hadn't spoken in years immediately began to talk, families that were distant instantly became close and friends told friends just how much they loved them.

In my family, my father is a twin, and there has been bad blood between him and his brother. They never spoke, and we never associated with that side of the family and this had gone on for so long that neither one remembered why.

Then, as America was torn in half, the barriers that had formed between our two families were suddenly gone. Nobody thought of the reasons not to call each other, they just called to see if their family was all right. From the wreckage of the attacks rose a rediscovered family which we had spurned only the day before.

Many, if not all, of my friends did not enjoy being anywhere near their families when I last left them to come to college. They distanced themselves from them as much as possible and spent as little time with them as they needed to. Then life changed in the blink of an eye. My friends never seem to be able to stay away from their families anymore. All of them wanted to be around their mothers, fathers and siblings as much as they possibly could, which in itself is a great thing...

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