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Has anyone here ever had a best friend. If not I advise that you get one before its to late to have one. A best friend is someone that you can talk to about almost everything. I have a best friend his name is Becker. I have known him since second grade. He lives in Millard he will be sixteen in two months. He is almost a year older then me .

He has had a very hard life. His parents got divorced when he was five. That is when him and his mom moved to where i lived at in Meadow Brooks Estates on 144th and F street in Millard. We went to school with each other for about a month and didn't know that we lived in the same neighborhood. Then one day we were both out riding our bikes and ran into each other and we were both like wo do you live here.

We were both like yeah and we started to hang out with each other. Since then we have both liked the same thing we went to junior high together in sixth and Half of seventh grade. We both have the same type in music, girls, sports, and all other fun activities. I moved out here in the middle of seventh grade. It was a hard move i didn't want to move because i didn't think i would get to see him and all of my other friends ever again. I still get to see him every weekend because we are on a bowling team together after bowling we go out to his cabin in Missouri. We have alot of fun out there we have a party almost every weekend. We have lots of stuff out there to do. We go hunting every day. We have a Jeep Wrangler out there that we use to go mudding with. We both have fourwheelers he has a Polaris Trailblazer and I have Kawasaki Mojave. They both have 250 cc liquid cooiled engines. He gets mad because mine can go faster then his. His is brooken so he has to ride mine.

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