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The Use of Music in Commercial Advertising Recently television is seen to be the leading marketing tool in the US economy. The majority of commercials are made so that consumers will remember them, even though they might not even be consciously paying attention to them. There are many different advertising techniques used in television commercials today. Some advertisers choose to promote their product using a celebrity for endorsement. Others hire people to write jingles in hopes that the tune will stay in consumers' heads. However, one of the most effective advertising techniques that can be used today is using popular music to promote a product.

Some companies use popular songs in order to appeal to the younger generation, hoping that familiar songs that are played on the radio will help them remember their product. If people already know and like the song, there is a greater chance they will like the product.

Mitsubishi, a car manufacturer, illustrates this technique in two very recent commercials. The first commercial has several different scenes with different people in their car singing to the melody of a popular dance song by The "WiseGuys". This technique was so successful the first time it was used again by Mitsubishi, but with the alternative rock song by the Bare "Naked Ladies". In the food industry, Pringles Chips, also uses this type of marketing tool in hopes to springboard its product to consumers. Its commercial involves an outrageous college party that is loud and saturated with people having a great time. The face on the Pringle can is singing, "Jump" by "House Of Pain" and when the last chip is eaten he suddenly stops singing then a new can is opened and the party is back to its uproar of insanity. The Mountain Dew company uses another example...

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