Columbus- Evil Or Hero

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Was he a Hero or a Villain? Like no other individual, Christopher Columbus has suffered the greatest amount of disapproval by the politically correct ideological terrorists. The politically correct crowd, aided by like-minded historians, has successfully ruined the reputation of this great explorer. It claims that Columbus is responsible for slavery, racism, genocide and the destruction of the environment, among other things.

In the title wave of political correctness and ethnic sensitivity, Christopher Columbus has been the target of horrifying bigotry and racism exposed by the very people who claim they are anything but intolerant. Hatred of Columbus is most evident on college campuses here in the Golden State. Cal State Northridge, long a haven for Marxists and revolutionaries, has become the national center for anti-Columbus propaganda. In 1992, flyers put out by the CS Northridge MEChA chapter depicted Columbus as a criminal fugitive and read "Wanted-Christopher Columbus. Grand Theft, Genocide, Racism." Administrators at CS Northridge, the birthplace of Chicano Studies, did nothing to stop this madness.

Opposing to what revisionists believe, Columbus was a courageous man. He challenged popular opinion and said the Earth was round when nobody else believed him. He did what no other explorer dared do. He was determined to find the New World when everybody else was afraid to. American Indian activists criticize Columbus for bringing disease to America and act as if that was his entire goal of setting sail from Europe. It is absurd to claim that he knowingly brought over these sicknesses and purposely infected people with it. Columbus is also slammed for owning slaves. What leader in 1492 did not own slaves? The founding fathers of America owned them as well. The fact that Columbus did own them is irrelevant to any issue. Columbus did not cause environmental destruction...

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