The Color Purple

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Denise Vallejo 5-7-01 Honors English II Ms. Boldt The Color Purple Throughout The Color Purple by Alice Walker, Celie's letters had been writing letters to God. She had written about the things that would happen to her. I believe she wrote the letters to God because she hoped to find answers to the meaning of her life. She felt He would help her find her way through her life. Since she had gotten married to Mr. ____, she needed to express herself and reveal her inner most thoughts.

Shug Avery had come to visit and Celie's husband got angry and jealous when Shug became Celie's friend. One day, Shug found the key to the box and they found Nettie's letters. There were years worth of letters that Mr. ____ had kept from her. All this time, Celie had thought that her sister Nettie was dead. She reads the letters and finds out that Nettie was still alive and she learned what her sister had been doing all those lost year.

Celie found out that Nettie became a missionary in Africa and that she was watching over the children, Adam and Olivia, which Celie had years ago. She was really happy to know that her children were fine and also found out that her father hadn't raped her, but her stepfather. For all those years, Mr. ____ had hidden all the letters Nettie had written over the years. Mr. ____ had taken Nettie out of Celie's life just like he had taken her confidence and self-worth.

After Celie had learned that her sister was alive, her attitude changes a little more. She writes one letter to God saying, "Now I know Nettie alive I begin to strut a little bit. Think, When she come home us leave...

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