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I'm very interested in attending the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. I believe that going away to college will help me mature more quickly, become more independent, and will help me realize how much responsibility I will have when I move out into the world on my own. Although I will be living with roommates, I will still have the same responsibilities as if I were living on my own.

Why UNCW? UNCW can offer me the things that I've wanted to do for a long time. Unlike the University of Cincinnati (present school that I am enrolled at), UNCW has a softball team. I am a very involved softball player. I've been playing the game since I was five years old. I am very disappointed that I didn't pursue playing softball in college. I regret not playing college ball right out of high school, but at the time of deciding on where I wanted to attend college I was afraid to leave home.

I want that to change. If I am accepted to UNCW I will definitely try-out for the softball team. I believe that I can be a very important role on and off the field.

Not only do I want to attend UNCW because of the softball program you offer, but because I want to pursue a career in physical education. The University of Cincinnati doesn't offer that program. I love kids, sports, and coaching. Physical education is the perfect career for me.

I also want to move to a different environment. I have lived in Cincinnati, Ohio for seventeen years and I also lived in Glendale, California for two years. I visited Wilmington in April 2001. I helped a couple of my friends move there. During my stay, I walked around the campus, knowing...

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