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A person has certain expectations for certain situations. One can always guess what an experience will be like, however, it is often times hard to predict it totally true. College was one of these situations. So far, college has met most of my standards. My thoughts of college consisted of more freedom and responsibilities, new people, and difficult classes. In these ways, college has proved to be exactly what I thought it would be. With the start of college, I gained a numerous amount of responsibility. Currently an adult, it is my job to take full advantage of my college years. I am tempted every night to just forget about my schoolwork, and go out and party. However, I must make a rational decision and be responsible enough to get all my work done and not fall behind in my classes. College is a costly four years, and so it is up to me to be responsible and make the best of my time here.

As expected, I also met new people. I have met kids from all over the United States and local areas too, and they have all helped me to become more racially and ethnically diverse. Lastly, college has proved to be a similar to my expectations through the ciriculum. These classes are a lot more difficult than high school classes. They require more thought and interpreting skills.

On the contrary, college also has some factors that I had not imagined. I pictured college to be a terrifying experience the first day. However, it was not scary at all. Everyone was in the same boat, and so we were all very open and ready to make new friends. I also envisioned myself in a large lecture hall, surrounded by countless numbers of students. That is not the case. The classes are on an average twenty to twenty-five students, and all the teachers and professors are readily available to answer any questions one may have.

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