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Other Names coke, Charlie, ASK, snow, blow Cocaine comes in white powder called cocaine hydrochloride. Cocaine in this form is sometimes snorted or it is injected. Cocaine is sometimes mixed with different substances such as mannitol or it is mixed in sugar to increase profitability. The Effects of cocaine it may happen very fast or very slow increased heart rate, agitation, sexual stimulation, alertness and energy, unpredictability and aggressive behaviour.the in side of the nose may be eating away if it has been inhaled through the nose. Cocaine reduces hunger, thirst and natural needs such as rest, food and water. Death can occur as a result of overdose or an accident while under the influence of the drug.

Grade 8 10 12 Ever Used 4.7% 7.7% 9.8% Used in a year 2.7 4.9 6.2 Used in a month 1.3 1.8 2.6

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