Civil War Was Inevitable

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"The Civil War was inevitable." The Civil War was a moral up rage between the north and south. Through various complications, disagreements, and racism, the Civil War could not have been prevented due to different perspective viewpoints of the regions. These main points stated, are the basis for the start of a Civil War. Though many attempts were used to prevent this war, they were useless due to the severeness of the disagreements.

To kick start the tension, the first main item was the Wilmot Proviso. This was presented by David Wilmot and it said that slavery should not exist in any new territory obtained by the U.S. The northerners fully understood where Wilmot was coming from and agreed with him 100%. The southerners on the other hand, disagreed with this. They felt that Congress had no right to interfere with slavery in the territories. This was just a turbo start to the conflicts between the north and the south.

The next complication involved disagreements about slavery and racism shown towards blacks. This would be the book written by Harriet Beecher Stowe called, Uncle Tom's Cabin. Each territory had their own perspective for this book, but this made the northerners furious. They never realized how bad slavery was until they read the book. The southerners of course disagreed with many of the things stated in this book, but the northerners did not care. They felt that slavery should be forbidden everywhere and the southerners opposed this. Abraham Lincoln even said to Stow, " Is this the little woman whose book made such a great war." That there proves that the book brought about so much tension between the north and the south.

Another major issue that linked to the cause of the Civil War was the Kansas-Nebraska Act. It turned...

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