Civil War

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THE CIVIL WAR This essay will be talking about the important causes of the Civil War. It will also evaluate the effects of the war on the country. Finally, it will conclude with Reconstruction.

One of the few causes of the Civil War was the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration states flatly that "all men are created equal." It expressed the common belief that free citizens were political equals. The Declaration of Independence led to the Civil War because it gave most of the control to the North and not everyone had the chance to vote. (1, p. 55) Eli Whitney's invention of a cotton gin (short for "cotton engine") in 1793 helped set the South on a different course from the North. His gin made it possible for Southern farmers to grow cotton more profitably. Although, the North was against having more slaves and the invention of the "cotton engine" because not only did it make cotton more profitable, but it also made the need for slaves greater.

(2, p. 125) The American System was a system that united the nation's economic interests. The industrial North would manufacture goods that farmers in the South and West would buy. On the other hand, the agricultural South and West would raise most of the grain, meat, and cotton needed in the North. The North profited from the system, while the South couldn't. It caused the North to get rich and the South was angry because they couldn't profit from it. (3, p. 126) The Missouri Compromise admitted that Maine was a free state and Missouri as a slave state. The rest of the Louisiana Territory was split into two parts. The dividing line was set at 36 30` north latitude. In the South of the line, slavery...

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