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Christmas is generally regarded as a time for sharing, giving, and merriment.

Although these good things come at Christmas, it is not always as perfect as it appears.

There are things such as accidents, deaths, and poverty, which make Christmas an unpleasant experience for some people. If these things were non-existent during this season it would be more pleasurable for everyone. A perfect Christmas would include peace on earth, no poverty, and spending time with friends and family.

Every day, somewhere on this planet, people are killed as a result of war. Most of these include helpless children and adults who are at the mercy of well-trained soldiers.

These people have to celebrate Christmas under these circumstances. We, as citizens of the leading countries in the world, need to reach out and help the people in these bleak situations.

Imagine waking up with the excitement of Christmas all around you to find a bare Christmas tree, with no presents underneath.

Unfortunately, many families have to wake up and face this scenario every Christmas. Some families cannot afford to buy the gifts they want and expect. This is very hard on families, especially the parents. Parents strive to make their children happy. However, when Christmas comes around and there isn't enough money to buy gifts, they are devastated by the disappointed look on their children's faces when they don't receive the presents they requested. If there was no poverty in the world, everyone would have a much more enjoyable Christmas.

Christmas is a time associated with friends, family and happiness. Around this time of year families make a special effort to be together. For large families who are spread out all over the province, country, and the world, this is especially difficult. There is nothing more enjoyable...

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