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The Chinese government is a communist government established in October 1, 1949 by MAO zedung and this has lead to numerous economical and political problems for the country. The government imposed strict economic laws on the Chinese people hurting their economy. However, in the last twenty years the government has decentralized the industries giving broader power which has helped the Chinese population of just over 1.2 billion people get back on there feet. Around half of the working individuals are in the agricultural business yet the majority of the agriculture workers are on welfare. Reports of religious persecution and mass executions have been circulated by Amnesty International and has made for political pressure from the major democratic trading partners just as the United States and the United Kingdom. It has been rumored among the international community that Russia has been supplying military powers which has lead to tensions wit the U.S.

however economic growth has slowed considerably lately wit only a 0.6% GNP real growth.

The united nations is an inefficient organization wit 5 countries holding all the power with the ability to veto any resolution. Its only redeeming qualities is that it brings together nations from all over the world and talk about issues concerning them. It is interesting to note all the difference opinions from countries around the world however it is worthy to mention that it seemed like most Islamic and middle eastern nations voted similarly about international woman's day. In the wake of the terrorist attack on the United States it seemed almost all countries except for Afghanistan were in favor of the resolution. It was a well-timed event and almost certainly insured the resolution was passed although it is likely that it would have passed on its own merits. The u.n. acts like a watch...

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