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YEAR 2001 The loud sound of the subways echoed through my ear. I had just been at Yankee Stadium watching a baseball game. It was a pleasant day, few clouds, but no one knew what it would turn into.

In Nevada, at Area 51 military base: " Sir this is Polmarch in scanning, we've came upon a weird object invading earth's atmosphere. I think it's him sir, yes it's... Chicky. We've got a reading on it and it is the... Henymobile." It had been 12 long peaceful years since anybody had seen the crazed demon. Chicky was driven back into space 12 years ago after all the superheros had gotten together and sent him to a far away place. After the news had gotten to the ministry of defense, the president, and all superheros , Chicky had landed on the Bermuda Triangle. Sergeant Henry L. Bravo, head of US armed forces received call that Chicky had made his landing.

(We interrupt this broadcast to bring you this late breaking news)"We have just received word here at ABD news station that the evil villain Chicky has made his return to earth. Beware all citizens take cover immediately. He is in the Bermuda Triangle, Superman is on his way. We will give you more information as we receive it." (and now back to our regularly scheduled program).

"President sir, we need to come up with a plan to get rid of the sinister villain Chicky." "Hey yo dude, just let my Hulkamaniacs run wild on this Chicky dude OK." "Mister Hogan sir remember this is your first real threat of battle since coming into office. I really think you should take this slowly and not just stick people on him." "Hey dude let me tell you something, this is what I'm going...

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