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Persuasive Essay Cheating In Schools Students today are having more tests to take in school so that their communities and parents can see how much they are learning in school. Having students tested school districts how much they are learning and how much they know before they move on to the next level. Students of all ages are drawn to one point in their lives of thinking about cheating in school and taking the step of actually cheating. Not only cheating on tests but homework or other projects related to schoolwork so students can get a good grade. Cheating in school should not be tolerated despite the fact of parental guidance, peer pressure and severe consequences.

Parents try to teach their children right from wrong so that they do not make mistakes that could have serious consequences. Many students are raised with parents who tell them the right things to do in life.

Children learn a lot from their parents growing up. Parents teach them to have morals and to always make the best decisions but people are not always perfect. Parents tell their children that it is very bad to cheat in school for any reason. Many times, for example they tell them stories about what happens to students when they cheat and maybe their own personal experiences when they cheated. Students should do their best and not have to think about cheating in school.

Students face peer pressure about cheating in many different levels of school. Students may not have studied as much as they have liked for that exam and are looking for alternative ways in doing well. For example, a friend might have just taken an exam in the previous class and then he or she will come to tell you what was on the exam.

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