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Cheating The old saying "cheaters never win" is one that I have grown up hearing and believing. Although this idea is brought upon most of us from an early age, cheating is a largely common practice in our schools today. In order to remedy this problem, we must ask the questions, why do students cheat and what can we do to prevent cheating? There are several reasons for cheating. These come from pressures placed on students by society, home, and schools. There are also several reasons why cheating is an injustice not only to those being cheated off of, but also to those who cheat. While cheating is extremely prevalent in our schools, it can certainly be deterred and even ceased with a little effort and creative policing in classrooms. I believe that everything one learns from early childhood sets the pace for the rest of his or her life.

It is important to start character education at a very early age and, as part of the curriculum, stress the importance of not cheating. The book Everything I Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten is a perfect example of the impressions made on us as young children. This is only a starting point. Before college, I had only one teacher in school who completely condemned cheating in her class. Without a discussion, she would drop any student who cheated from her class. Most of the other teachers in my past would either assign a zero for the work or have a student start over if he or she was caught cheating. I have to say that, throughout my entire school career, I can't recall any serious disciplinary action ever being taken against those caught cheating.

Teachers have to be monitors in a classroom and not have a lackadaisical attitude...

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