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Jonathan Black was his name, tall and thin with black hair gorgeous blue eyes. He was my neighbor, quiet and lonely. Every now and then he would come to school, and when he did he would sit next to me and stare. Although he gave me the creeps, I still felt some connection with him. I told my friends they way I felt, they laughed, told me to "stay away from a loser like that, I could do so much better". Yet, I couldn't block my feelings for this mystery boy. It was weird, the way he lived next to me for my entire life, and I never once spoke to him.

One day in class, I turned to him and said, "Hey, I'm your neighbor, Lynda." He looked at me, smiled, and replied, "I know who you are." That was it, it stopped there. But with those simple words, I fell in love.

From then on, I became dumbfounded whenever he walked into the room. I don't even think he realized how important he was to me. He was my inspiriation, my heart, and he didn't even know it. I loved him.

"Hey! Johnathan, what's up?" "Hi." "Okay," I began, "I was just wondering if you wanted to get together sometime. You know, to study or something?" "John." "What?" "My name, it's John." "Oh," I said disapointed.

"Lynda, right? Yea sure, I don't study though. What about a movie?" "Okay, yea! Tonight?" "7:00 PM." Although that night didn't go as well as I had pictured it would, it went well. I guess the biggest dissapointment was that he wasn't lonely or quiet, he was the opposite. I was drawn to him because of his mysterious ways and rebellious attitude; the way he only went to school when he felt like it. I loved him and all his ways, until I talked to him. I wanted to change him and make him different. Was it love or just another project? I don't know.

I found someone new, he's quiet and lonely. I'm in love.

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