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When I reminisce of the days of old, the one thing that captures my mind and takes it into another dimension is the sport that I have grown to love, but more importantly respect. Baseball is ambiguously positive. For so many it has changed not only their lives, but also the lives of others through the actions of those that have been involved with "The Game". Personally, baseball has reached into my soul and in a way infected my character with a morale that has made me into the articulate individual that I am today. As the pages of history turn, there is only one truth and definite purity that has remained a constant throughout the ages- baseball is an immense, life-altering act of positive wholeness.

Above all, baseball has taught many that respect isn't just part of the game, but rather a part of life. In today's world, lack of respect has come to be something that a large percent of society has accepted.

Whether it is lack of respect for oneself or others, having instilled in children that respect is an important part of life will nonetheless prove to be beneficial. Also, baseball teaches a child that respect is not given, but rather earned. Another basic principle of morale that is spawned from this is the idea that in life, everything is not handed out; hard work and dedication is the only sure way of getting what you want.

Dedication is also a quality of a person that exemplifies good character. Many ponder the age-old question on this subject of how this quality of a person can be helpful in society. Well for the non-believers that remain skeptical to whether or not baseball assists in the constructing of positive character there are a few questions that...

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