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Dress, speech, emotions, and entertainment is all said to be on the decline of neatness. Norman Cousin's essay "the decline of neatness'' only applies to a small group of people and a whole generation of people. Not every one has a strong preference for rated R movies, sloppy clothes, or jumbles up their words. Yes, there are some people who do like to do all of this, but only a small amount of people do. You can not just put this title of un-neatness on a large group of people.

Torn, faded, frayed, and trashed clothes are not "the look". People in the inner city have a certain style of dress than some one in a rule area or in a small town. You can see distinct change of the people's dress from area to anther. If different places have a different looks or styles then how can a whole generation dress as Mr.

Cousins put it "jeans that are made to look as though they've just been discarded by a clumsy house painter after ten years of wear." Do you see a banker, teacher, or any one in uniform going to work dressed like that? Styles change over the course of one year, so how can one generation strain so hard to affect a casual, relaxed, and cool look? Language can not be on the decline of neatness. Language is one the most important aspects of communication. If language became sloppy no one would be able to understand each other. When a lawyer goes to the court he use four letter words, and use phrases such as "you know" or "I mean." He would never win a case that way. Yes, many people use slang words, but you can still understand what they are saying and they are still...

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