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Cat's Cradle Plot Summary: The story of Cat's Cradle is a fantasy story about the end of the world. It takes place in the year 2000. The main religion is Bokononism, a religion based on lies. Many people look to Bokonon, the writer of the Book of Bokonon, for advice. The narrator of the story is a man named John, ( it never gives his last name.) He is writing a book about the Atom bomb and the so-called fathers of it. He decides to focus on the late Dr. Felix Hoenikker and the actions he made on the day America dropped the Atom bomb on Hiroshima. Through the course of writing letters to the hoenikker family he makes his way to variours places. When meeting one of Dr. Hoenikker's colleagues, John is fascinated with the way Dr. Hoenikker would take little ideas and make them big projects. Ice-nine is one, a ice particle that could freeze a portion of water to cross for an army.

Ice-nine ended up being too strong and could freeze the world if the swamp was connected to a stream, which could be connected to a river, which could be connected to a ocean and would freeze the world. John believes this is true. He ends up traviling to a country called San Loenzo to meet the long-lost Hoenikker, Frank. There Bokononism is outlawed even though it is hiddenly practiced. Through the course of time when he is there, the president dies and he becomes president because Frank wanted him to. A wild turn shows that the president, "Papa" Monzano, died instanly a froze solid. It is revealed that Frank gave "Papa" a piece of Ice-nine and he ate it and commited suicide. When the Doctor notices somthing on "Papa's" lip, he touches and puts to his lip to see what it is, he freezes to death and falls and shatters to pieces. The group of the Hoenikker's, the Castle's, and John don't want to tell the town so they leave "Papa" in his room and go outside to talk to the city and celebrate a holiday of " The Hundred Martyrs of Democracy". They speak and a fly-by of jets come. One of the jets loses control and crashes into the mountain side close to the castle where "Papa" was. As they watch, the giant Gold Boat where they put "Papa" fell into the ocean shore, and the Oceans are turned to solid ice. Many people commit suicide except for the Hoenikerr's, the Crosby's, and John. During this time John often ponders of a original way to die, he sets his mind on climbing a mountain he is scared of and die up there. John ends up meeting Bokonon. John goes back and asks Bokonon what he was doing. Bokonon says he is writing the last line of the Book of Bokonon and asks for help. The final paragraph of the Book says that the end of the world has come and he would climb the Mountain of McCabe, which John was scared of, and write on the history of human stupidity and lie down and die with his nose pointing You-Know-Who.

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